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Myrath - Empty World [HQ]

Lyrics: Don't you see the red rain is falling down on us? The pain and hate always rise, where is the trust? I'm living in this empty world, It's like a dead man - nothing works. Why so many tears have had to fall, Don't you know, I'm tired of it all? Our wishes and bloody hopes, everything is burned And to the Lord I want to return. My eyes are so tired because of what I've seen How many times I pretended not to hear those screams. Why so many tears have had to fall, Don't you know, I'm tired of it all? So take me to another world Where there are only white birds, Where the feelings are not cold, where nobody hurts. I flew when the planes were safe, I cried happy tears in happy days. I left all the crises and the wars, My heart is tired now. It's closing it's doors. I saw the bright sun and it didn't scorch my eyes And I walked on the golden sand When the sky was so beautiful. I remember the first kiss, The son and wife whom I miss. First words I wrote on a candlelight And the letters I read through the night.


Myrath - Braving the Seas (lyrics in description) HD 1080p

Sky trembles behind Mourning clouds And the weather is getting dire On board, swindlers and crew Singing loud Some old sailor's songs To Ire There you go Cro...


Myrath- Merciless Times

Myrath- Merciless Times.

Myrath - Braving The Seas, Live in USA 2013 Performing at ProgPower USA festival, Atlanta.

Myrath - Madness

Artist: Myrath Album: Desert Call Song: Madness Origin: Tunisia Year: 2010 Photo from album "Tales of the Sands" (2011) Disclaimer: I do not own any of this ...

Myrath - Forever And A Day

Myrath - Forever And A Day.

MYRATH "Forever and a Day" Acoustic Live at Rockfort Show

En attendant le nouvel album, voici une petite vidéo pour vous faire patienter jusqu'a la rentrée

Myrath - Confession Live from Prog'sud 2008

The song Confession from the Tunisian progressive metal band Myrath, performed live at Prog'sud festival in France May 2nd. 2008.

Mahafsoun Metal Bellydance ~ Myrath {Beyond The Stars}

This is a Bellydance video of me, improvising to the song "Beyond The Stars" by the Tunisian band, Myrath, as promised to the singer of this band, Zaher. Thi...