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Myrath - Madness

Photos of Myrath live at Crossroads Live Club with the song Madness from the 'album "Desert Call" Lyrics Carrying more than I can stand, Falling into the abyss. Passing out, losing grip, Losing my faith, lost the battle. Lost my soul by the way. Here's my judgement I lived a life full of regrets. My disbelief, the hate and loneliness Consumed my soul from deep inside. I slowly lost my reason and my mind And fell into the madness. Waiting for my day to come Longing for eternal peace. Stop the battle, close my eyes for eternity. Madness. photos by Roberto Scorta this is just a demo video, no copyright infringement


Myrath - Merciless Times, Live in USA 2013 Performing at Progpower USA festival, Atlanta.

[Live] Myrath - Beyond The Stars - 26.11.2011 - Metal Ride Festival (Nancy, France)

Myrath - Beyond The Stars - 26.11.2011 - Metal Ride Festival (Nancy, France)

Myrath - Braving The Seas, Live in USA 2013 Performing at ProgPower USA festival, Atlanta.

Myrath - Braving the Seas (lyrics in description) HD 1080p

Sky trembles behind Mourning clouds And the weather is getting dire On board, swindlers and crew Singing loud Some old sailor's songs To Ire There you go Cro...

Myrath - Merciless times (Lyrics)

made with ezvid, free download at "Merciless Times" is Myrath's most famous and popular song. I searched in youtube for the lyrics so that I...

Myrath - Forever And A Day

Myrath - Forever And A Day.

Mahafsoun Metal Bellydance ~ Myrath {Beyond The Stars}

This is a Bellydance video of me, improvising to the song "Beyond The Stars" by the Tunisian band, Myrath, as promised to the singer of this band, Zaher. Thi...

Myrath - Merciless Times Live Vocals by Rob Lundgren

my fb: I had a request to do this cover by my buddy Haaanko! ;) Its a cool mid eastern tune called Merciless Times b...

Myrath- Merciless Times

Myrath- Merciless Times.