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Neal Morse

Neal Morse

Neal Morse - Lifeline(single)

lyrics, let me know if they are wrong. LIFELINE Maker of the sun and shade The plans were made before the morning At a time when no-one knew He left a clue and sent us a lifeline It's fine Then along came a man like me With everything laid out before him Then it all came crashing down The man can drown for thoughts in his own mind Like something deep inside my soul Were sinking fast I was the hole When I was almost out of time He gave me a lifeline Right down to my soul He gave me a lifeline That I might grab ahold Suffering was nothing new My days were few without a letdown Something down there deep inside Dissatisfied with everything Id find And in the counties and the sky Into a dancer running dry He sent a river full of light He sent me a lifeline When I was on my own Far from the borders He came and brought me home He sent me a lifeline When I was down the hole My world was like an ocean Raging out of control Once upon another time He made my mind a different color Painted on my destiny A way between the black and lonely sky Lets fly He gave me a lifeline Right down to my soul He gave me a lifeline That I might grab ahold He gave me a lifeline When I was cast away He gave me a lifeline And Im alife today He gave me a lifeline


Neal Morse - Question Mark Medley (Live from DVD)

From the 2008 "Sola Scriptura & Beyond" DVD by Neal Morse. Medley of the 2005 album "?", contains: "The Temple of the Living God", "Another World", "The Outs...

Neal Morse - Send The Fire (Full album)

1. I Worship You With My Life 2. Cloudburst 3. There Is Life 4. Reach 5. You Are Needed in This House 6. Send the Fire 7. Hide Thou Me 8. God of Glory 9. I G...

Mike Portnoy & Neal Morse play Beatles Name That Tune

Mike Portnoy & Neal Morse go head to head in the ultimate Beatles Name That Tune! (Anybody want to tally up the final score??)

Neal Morse - The Conflict

Neal Morse - The Conflict, from DVD Live Momentum. Musicians: Neal Morse (vocal/keyboards/guitars), Mike Portnoy (drums), Adson Sodré (guitar), Randy George ...

Transatlantic - Neal Morse Interview

An interview with Neal Morse from Transatlantic at the Regency Ballroom on the their 2014 World Tour.

Adson Sodré | Neal Morse Audition | Lifeline

Neal Morse Band - World Without End (Live In Kraków)

0:00 - Live In Kraków 3:28 - Live Momentum DVD 11:04 - Live In Kraków 13:21 - Live Momentum DVD 22:00 - Live In Kraków.

NEAL MORSE - Momentum (2012) [Full Album HQ + HD]

Love this Album :)

Neal Morse - LiveMomentum Promo III

Here is another preview from Neal Morse's Latest Concert DVD- Live Momentum! This DVD/Blu-ray is available now at It contains many ex...