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Nile - The Essential Salts

Nile - The Essential Salts from album Ithyphallic, Lyrics: The necromancers of Giza A cult of reanimators Concerned with interrogation of the long dead Corpses who may be revived and made to talk And describe the contents of rare books And gold hidden in the earth Although they are often reluctant to reveal their secrets And must be encouraged with fire and blade A corpse chosen for resurrection Is cut into parts of convenient size Boiled in clean water Linen strips of mummification are removed And the skull and bones liquefied And boiled until all water is gone What remains in the bottom Is a white crystalline substance That may be carried in the palms of two hands This white powder contains the essential salts Of the man whose corpse was boiled It is from this powder that the living body may be reconstituted And made to serve as a house for the soul Which is called back into its former flesh by words of power It is a great shock to the soul To tear it back from its resting place and reanimate it The resurrected are often insane and scream ceaselessly or dash themselves into walls If the salts are contaminated with the essence of other living beings When the mummy has been the breeding place of vermin The revitalization of the salts produces something That is part man and part whatever gnawed his corpse These horrors lack the faculty of speech Or their speech is crazed and bestial And must be immediately slain For though the memory of the man may remain intact The verminous parts of his reanimated nature Inhibit his human expression Those who have served their purpose are killed By strangulation with a cord around the neck And their bodies burned Their ashes gathered and cast into the Nile Where the currents carry them to sea


NILE - Enduring The Eternal Molestation Of Flame (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Music video for NILE "Enduring The Eternal Molestation Of Flame" ORDER HERE: SUBSCRIBE to Nile YouTube: SUBS...

Nile Annihilation of the Wicked (Full Album)

Band: Nile Album: Annihilation of the Wicked Country: USA Release Year: 2005 Track Listing: 1. Dusk Falls Upon the Temple of the Serpent on the Mount of Sunr...

Nile - Black Seeds of Vengeance [[Full Album]]

2000 Relapse Records / Nile Released 5 September 2000, Relapse Records Recorded 2000, at The Sound Lab, Lexington, South Carolina TRACKLIST: [00:00] 01. Invo...

Nile - Kafir!

This is the opening track off of Nile's 2009 album Those Whom The Gods Detest, and it's entitled Kafir!. Enjoy! \m/

Nile - Live @ Bloodstock Open Air Festival (12.08.2012) Full show

PRO-SHOT of the Nile full set live at B.O.A. festival. Enjoy it!

Nile Guitar Lesson

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Nile Crocodiles : Documentary on the Deadly Crocodiles of the Nile River

Nile Crocodiles : Documentary on the Deadly Crocodiles of the Nile River . 2013 This documentary as well as the rest of these documentaries shown here relate...

#MBCTheVoice - Nile "I'm Yours" - الحلقات المباشرة

شاهد الحلقة الكاملة وتعليق المدربين على شاهد.نت The Voice أحلى صوت http://...

نايل: رسالة للرئيس البشير NILE: Mr. President

نايل: رسالة للرئيس البشير NILE: Mr. President.