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Nonpoint Discography

Nonpoint Albums

Live and Kicking Thumbnail Image

Four studio albums, record sales of over 600,000, countless sold out tours, five top 20 singles and finally, a live CD/DVD that captures what it’s all [...]

Development Thumbnail Image

It might appear unseemly for a fiftysomething singer to be praising the consumption of mas tequila . But this is Sammy Hagar we’re talking about, the overgrown beach boy [...]

Statement Thumbnail Image

2002 release from Sweden’s In Flames, the band’s most superior and accessible album yet. The Iron Maiden of today! Fourteen songs of conscious insanity.

To the Pain Thumbnail Image

Nonpoint has sold well over 400,000 records in the US and has a huge, dedicated, and ever growing fan base. Their unrelenting live shows have earned [...]

Recoil Thumbnail Image

With nearly half a million in sales and tours with Linkin Park, Disturbed, Sevendust and The Deftones under their collective belts, Nonpoint is back harder and [...]