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Oh Sleeper

Oh Sleeper



OH, SLEEPER - 'Death From Above' (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO) CD: iTunes: New EP ...

Oh, Sleeper - A Banquet For Traitors (HQ)

Oh, Sleeper - 01 Naofumi Mitsuhashi [Lyrics]

I've got something to say I've got something to say I've got something to say I've got something to... This scene is too far gone! I've got something to say ...

micah kinard interview - growing up

Enoch Magazine once again caught up with the Singer of Oh Sleeper, Micah Kinard at the 2013 Warped Tour. Micah share's about killing his goldfish, how Oh Sle...

Oh Sleeper "The Pitch" (featuring Casey Sabol)

The Pitch. From the forthcoming EP, "The Titan EP"

Oh, Sleeper: reveries of flight lyrics

i dont own thie song, its property of Oh, SLeeper and Solid State records i do however own the picture in the backround, made it in photoshop in like 5 minut...

Oh Sleeper Interview - Is God Real

Oh Sleeper's (Solid State Records) Singer, Micah Kinard had a lot to say on the topic "Is God Real" while out on their latest tour with Norma Jean. The live ...

Oh, Sleeper: Warped Tour 2013 TV6 Interview

We caught up with Micah of Oh, Sleeper during the 2013 Van's Warped Tour. Check out what they've been up to since going independent and be sure to pick up "T...

Oh, Sleeper - The Titan EP [Full EP]

Oh, Sleeper's 2013 EP, The Titan Tracklist: 1. Naofumi Mitsuhashi 00:00 2. The Pitch 2:58 3. Death From Above 6:12 4. Heavy Hands 9:49 5. The Rise 14:49.