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Onslaught-power from hell Onslaught (UK) - Power from Hell Full-length, Children of the Revolution Rec 1985 Reissued by Powerage Records on CD in 1996. This reissue has a few tracklisting errors. "The Devil's Legion" is actually split into two tracks on the CD: track seven, which is 2:17, and track eight, which is 1:49. Also, the CD lists "Damnation" and "Onslaught (Power from Hell)" as separate tracks even though they are not. The album was reissued again by Blackend in 2005, with the same errors. Line-up: Paul Mahoney - Vocals Nige Rockett - Guitar Jason Stallard - Bass Steve Grice - Drums LYRIC:Damnation/Onslaught (Power from Hell) The gates of hell have opened wide with deadly speed the metal it strikes A fork of light rains from the sky To feed the amps with power supply Killerwatts to be unleashed we'll show no mercy bring you to your knees Hit the switch the power's free it'll blow your ears & make you mutha's scream [CHORUS:] Onslaught...Power from hell Power, power, power, power from hell With the wrath of Satan in our minds we take the stage to play for our lives When the power racks hit overdrive the banging heads they look toward the sky Thrashing metal savage screams yeah this is hell it's not just a dream Hammers pound at breakneck speed to crush the souls of those who disbelieve [CHORUS]


Call of Duty: Ghost "ONSLAUGHT" Trailer - New Maverick Sniper, Maps & Extinction! - (COD Ghosts)

Call of Duty: Ghosts "ONSLAUGHT" Trailer - ALL new DLC! :D ○ Ali-A Plays Ghosts PC - ○ SCRAPYARD map RETURNS -

SECRET EASTER EGG! - Call of Duty: Ghost "ONSLAUGHT" Gameplay! - "EGG-STRA XP" Achievement!

Call of Duty: Ghost "ONSLAUGHT" - EASTER EGG! :D ▻ ALL early DLC videos - ○ Ali-A Xbox pic pack - On each of the ...

Call of Duty: Ghost "MAVERICK" Gameplay! - NEW GUN! - (COD Ghosts Onslaught DLC)

Call of Duty: Ghost "MAVERICK" DLC gun gameplay! :D ▻ ALL early DLC videos - ○ Ali-A Xbox pic pack - NEW Call of ...

ONSLAUGHT - Chaos Is King (2013) // official LYRIC video // AFM Records

purchase on: digital download: ONSLAUGHT "Chaos Is King", taken from the album "VI" (released on September 20th in ...

Michael Myers Game Mode: Axe Murderer Horror Stories (CoD Ghosts ONSLAUGHT DLC)

HOW TO PLAY twitter: facebook: Michael Myers Game...

Onslaught - The Force [Full Album] Vinyl

I recorded the full album directly with my vinyl player. Sorry for the small pause at the middle, I switched from side A to side B. Press: USA 1st press, 198...

Onslaught - Enemy Of My Enemy

Onslaught are an English thrash metal band from Bristol, England This is song from last album VI,released (13 september 2013) ENJOY !!!

Call of Duty Ghosts Onslaught DLC Trailer (with Michael Myers !)

New DLC pack for COD Ghosts... with Michael Myers ! ➥ Join us on Facebook : ➥ Subscribe Now : ! C...

Call of Duty: Ghosts - Onslaught Trailer

The first DLC for Ghosts has four new multiplayer maps, the Maverick Assault Rife, and the next Extinction mode.