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Original Soundtrack

Original Soundtrack

Death Note Original Soundtrack I [Complete]

The Original Soundtrack for the anime adaptation of Death Note was first released in Japan on December 21, 2006 and was published by VAP. It contains music from the series, composed by Yoshihisa Hirano and Hideki Taniuchi. The first press' slipcover featured glow-in-the-dark artwork. Tracklist: 0:00 "Death Note" 3:09 "Incident" (事件 Jiken) 5:57 "Light's Theme" (ライトのテーマ Raito no Tēma) 9:22 "L's Theme" (Lのテーマ Eru no Tēma) 12:22 "Tension" (緊張 Kinchō) 16:19 "Horror" (戦慄 Senritsu) 19:23 "Solitude" (孤独 Kodoku) 22:40 "Resonance" (共鳴 Kyōmei) 26:15 "Anticipation" (期待 Kitai) 29:15 "The Kira Special Investigation Unit" (特捜キラ班 Tokusō Kira Han) 31:23 "L's Theme B" (LのテーマB Eru no Tēma Bī) 34:17 "Hesitation" (逡巡 Shunjun) 37:50 "Pursuit" (追跡 Tsuiseki) 40:46 "L's Companions" (Lの仲間 Eru no Nakama) 43:13 "Special Investigation" (特捜 Tokusō) 46:20 "Shinigami World" (死神界 Shinigamikai) 49:46 "Boredom" (退屈 Taikutsu) 51:53 "Rem" (レム Remu) 54:00 "Death Note Theme" 56:24 "Kyrie" 57:46 "Domine Kira" 1:00:01 "Teleology of Death" 1:01:05 "Low of Solipsism" 1:03:30 "Requiem" 1:04:50 "Immanence" 1:06:05 "Dirge" 1:07:30 "Light Lights Up Light" 1:09:32 "Alert"


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