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P.O.D. Biography


There is more than one artist known as POD 1) P.O.D. (Payable on Death) is a Christian rapcore/nu metal(early)/hard rock (later) band from San Diego, California, formed in 1991, although recently they've embraced a more traditional hard rock sound. Current line-up: Marcos Curiel (guitar) Noah 'Wuv' Bernardo (drums) Traa Daniels (bass) Sonny Sandoval (vocals) For more information take a look at: Link to article on wikipedia (english). 2) POD is one of the aliases uses by techno legend Kenny Larkin. Larkin was born and raised in Detroit, but did not participate in the early years of Detroit techno because he was serving in the military. Upon his return, he began producing, influenced by Juan Atkins and Derrick May, as well as the Chicago house music scene.[1] His early single releases, "We Shall Overcome" and "Integration", were issued on Plus 8, a label overseen by Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva; later released appeared on Buzz and Warp as well as other labels. His records have seen more success in continental Europe than in the U.S.. releases include the vanguard ep in 1992 on buzz records which was rereleased in 2005 on rush hour recordsings. In addition POD's tracks have appeared on various dance compilations such as 'art of dance: exhibits. other aliases include 'holy' joe johnson, dark comedy, lark, lark daddy and yennek. 3)P.O.D. also is an ambient act by Sam Rosenthal of the Projekt label. 4) POD is a norwegian rock band 5) Sonny decided to become a singer and get in a band after seeing the Christian band "The Crucified" in concert and subsequently attending a church service in Fresno, Ca. and seeing the members of "The Crucified" there.

P.O.D. Metal Albums

Satellite Thumbnail Image

Exclusive European edition of their 2001 album includes one bonus track, ’Whatever It Takes’ which is different to the Japanese bonus track! 16 tracks in all [...]

Greatest Hits: The Atlantic Years Thumbnail Image

Compilation of P.O.D.’s greatest hits from 1999-2006, including two brand new tracks.

When Angels and Serpents Dance Thumbnail Image

P.O.D. the multi-platinum, Grammy nominated rock band, is back with its most aggressive, poetic effort. This 2008 CD is produced by Jay Baumgartner (Evanescence, Godsmack) and [...]

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