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PANTERA, THE GLAM ERA (full four albums)

00:00:00 Ride My Rocket 00:04:52 I'll Be Alright 00:08:05 Tell Me If You Want It 00:11:47 Latest Lover 00:14:40 Biggest Part Of Me 00:19:26 Metal Magic 00:23:39 Widowmaker 00:26:41 Nothin' On (But The Radio) 00:30:10 Sad Lover 00:36:22 Rock Out 00:42:07 All Over Tonight 00:45:44 Out For Blood 00:48:54 Blue Light Turnin' Red 00:50:32 Like Fire 00:54:36 In Over My Head 00:58:32 Projects In The Jungle 01:01:38 Heavy Metal Rules 01:05:58 Only A Heartbeat Away 01:09:58 Killers 01:13:28 Takin' My Life 01:18:00 Hot And Heavy 01:22:07 I Am The Night 01:26:34 Onward We Rock 01:30:31 D*G*T*T*M* (Darrell Goes To The Movies) 01:32:15 Daughters Of The Queen 01:36:31 Down Below 01:39:11 Come (On Eyes) 01:43:24 Right On The Edge 01:47:31 Valhalla 01:51:36 Forever Tonight 01:55:47 Rock The World 01:59:23 Power Metal 02:03:18 We'll Meet Again 02:07:15 Over And Out 02:12:24 Proud To Be Loud 02:16:30 Down Below 02:19:22 Death Trap 02:23:32 Hard Ride 02:27:51 Burnnn! 02:31:28 P*S*T* 88


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