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Pentagram- First Daze Here (The Vintage Collection) (full album) HD

Track Listing: 1. Forever My Queen 0:00 2. When the Screams Come 2:22 3. Walk in the Blue Light 5:22 4. Starlady 10:54 5. Lazylady 16:07 6. Review Your Choic...

Pentagram - Relentless (Full Album)

0:00 Death Row 4:13 All Your Sins 8:51 Sign of the Wolf (Pentagram) 12:01 The Ghoul 17:15 Relentless 21:04 Run My Course 23:51 Sinister 28:23 The Deist 32:12...

Pentagram - Day of Reckoning (1987) [FULL ALBUM]

BAND- Pentagram -COUNTRY OF ORIGIN- United States of America -GENRE- Doom Metal -ALBUM- Day of Reckoning -YEAR OF RELEASE- 1987 -TRACKLIST- 1. Day of Reckon...

Pentagram - Forever My Queen

Bias Recordings Studio Demo 1973 Doom Metal.

Pentagram-Bir (İTÜ İstanbul 2014)

Recorded by Sony Handycam Hdr Xr 520.

Pentagram - Be Forewarned

Lyrics As I wake In the darkness And I look around There is no sound It's so tranquil It's so calm like you But now I hear a noise Is there any way to out of...

PENTAGRAM live at Hellfest 2012

Camera Operators : Gregory Dutein Clément Tuffreau Thomas Boutet Noémie Tranchant Vincent Roger Céline Ploquin Editing : Thomas Boutet Audio Mix : Maxime Cos...

'Don't Have To Lie' by Pentagram for Sony Project Resound

Latest track on Sony Project Resound by Pentagram, the kings of electro rock. Bang your heads and pull-out those hand horns and celebrate purity of sound. Hear what the artists intends with...

Pentagram - "Nocturne" - Music Video

Pentagram - "Nocturne" - Music Video Album : Bloodywood (2011) Director : Shiraz Bhattacharya Special Thanks to "After" for giving us a month for Post Produc...