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Pierced Arrows

Pierced Arrows

Pierced Arrows Biography


Lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Fred Cole and bassplayer/vocalist Toody Cole along with drummer Kelly Halliburton, formed the PIERCED ARROWS in Portland, OR in 2007, a few months after Dead Moon's disbandment (previous group the Coles and drummer Andrew Loomis had for the past 20 years) in late 2006. They have already released their first 7" single, including songs In My Brain/Caroline, a full-lenght album Straight To The Heart (2008) and second 7" which includes Paranoia/Ain't Life Strange (2008). You can get updates about the band at their official website ( or their myspace page ( which is actually run by the band members themselves.

Pierced Arrows Metal Albums

Descending Shadows Thumbnail Image

Pierced Arrows, the Portland-based trio comprised oflegendary members Fred and Toody Cole of the seminalpunk band Dead Moon, will release their sophomore LPDescending Shadows on February [...]

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