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Place of Skulls

Place of Skulls

Place of Skulls Biography


New band by Death Row founder and ex-Pentagram guitarist/songwriter Victor Griffin. He has reunited with original Death Row bassist Lee Abney and Tim Tomaselli on drums. Extremely solid traditional Doom-metal that will most definitely appeal to fans of both Victor Griffin's earlier bands. After Spirit Caravan broke up, Doom legend Wino (also ex-The Obsessed and ex-St. Vitus) briefly joined Place of Skulls before forming The Hidden Hand. Later Dennis of Revelation and ex-Oversoul also joined the lineup.

Place of Skulls Metal Albums

The Black Is Never Far Thumbnail Image

Limited enhanced UK slipcase pressing of the Metal band’s 2008 album features bonus enhanced videos and footage of the band. Dark Thrones & Black Flags is [...]

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