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Pretty Boy Floyd

Pretty Boy Floyd

Pretty Boy Floyd Biography


There are 2 bands with the name Pretty Boy Floyd: - A glam metal band from Los Angeles, California, fronted by Steve "Sex" Summers. They are most famous for their debut album Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz. They formed in 1988 in Hollywood, CA. After 8 shows they were snapped up by MCA Records and had two of their promotional videos featured on MTV. The Pretty Boy Floyd line-up is constantly a revolving door scenario, with many Glam metal musicians passing through the ranks. Vocalist Steve Summers remains the sole original member. Rumors often circulate about the original line-up reforming. In early 2006 it was announced that Kristy Majors and Kari Kane would be returning to record an album of brand new songs and tour Japan, though it is unclear whether they are planning to permanently rejoin the band. - A glam metal band from Canada, fronted by Tommy Floyd.

Pretty Boy Floyd Metal Albums

Live at the Pretty Ugly Club Thumbnail Image

Their first live CD ever released, recorded at Taime Downe’s, Faster Pussycat club in Hollywood. Includes two new (2002) studio recordings and two unreleased live tracks. [...]

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