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Primus Discography

Primus Albums

Suck on This Thumbnail Image

1.Intro (:48) 2.Devil In Jersey City (4:47) 3.Delerium Trigger (5:16) 4.The Crowning (6:37) 5.Blood Red Summer (4:24) 6.Everything Evil (10:17)

Sailing the Seas of Cheese Thumbnail Image

Opening with the creaky sounds of a ship at sea, Sailing charts the funk-punk waters the San Francisco Bay area band returns to again and again. It’s [...]

Pork Soda Thumbnail Image

Corrosive grooves, minimalist noise, and surreal banjo interludes make this weird and not very wonderful. –Jeff Bateman

Suck On This Thumbnail Image

2003 double CD release of 2002 live DVD release is pressed onto an enhanced CD, includes special deluxe packaging, & seven bonus tracks, ’Heading Out To [...]

Antipop Thumbnail Image

Antipop, indeed. Primus, led by mad genius/bassist/vocalist Les Claypool, enjoyed past radio success with ”Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” and ”Wynonna’s Big Brown Beaver.” And [...]

The Brown Album Thumbnail Image

If you think the Powerman 5000 hit ”When Worlds Collide” sounds an awful lot like ”Dragula” off Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly Deluxe , don’t blame Powerman 5000 frontman Spider–after [...]

Frizzle Fry Thumbnail Image

Released on the independent Caroline label in 1990, Frizzle Fry documents the San Francisco Bay area thrash-funk trio at its energetic best. The bare-bones production serves the [...]