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Pro-Pain - The Final Revolution ( Full Album )

Pro-Pain - The Final Revolution ( 2013 ) 01. Deathwish 02. One Shot, One Kill 03. Southbound 04. Problem-Reaction-Solution 05. The Final Revolution 06. Can't...

Pro-Pain - "The Truth Hurts" [FullAlbum]

0:01 Make War (Not Love) 4:57 Bad Blood 8:17 The Truth Hurts 12:28 Put The Lights Out 16:52 Denial 20:15 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 23:37 One Man Army 26:51 Down ...

Pro-Pain - Foul Taste Of Freedom (Full Album)

Year: 1993 Tracks: Foul Taste Of Freedom Death On The Dancefloor Murder 101 Pound For Pound Every Good Boy Does Fine Death Goes On Rawhead The Stench Of Piss...

Pro-Pain - Can You Feel It?

The music video to the lead track off of Pro-Pain's 2004 album, "Fistful of Hate."

Pro-Pain - Shine

Pro-Pain Live in Belgrade Full, SKC 1998

Pro Pain in Belgrade "Stronger then Hate Festival" Song-List: 01.Shine 00:00 02.Make War not Love 03:21 03.State of Mind 07:40 04.The Stench of Piss 11:10 05...

Pro-Pain In for the kill


Pro-pain - Foul Taste Of Freedom

Pro-pain's foul taste of freedom foul taste of freedom.

PRO-PAIN.-Make war (not love) [CLIP]

PRO-PAIN.-Make war (not love) [CLIP]