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Probot - I Am The Warlock

Hidden track featuring Jack Black.

Probot - Sweet Dreams

Probot "Sweet Dreams" Nightmare 3 tribute.

Probot - 10 - Probot - My Tortured Soul

Probot-Have a Cigar

Orginally version Have a Cigar by Probot.

Probot - Centuries of Sin (with Cronos)

Slideshow de Dave Grohl. Con Cronos de Venom y Dave Grohl a la bateria.

Probot - 04 - Probot - Access Babylon

Probot - 05 - Probot - Silent Spring

Probot - 08 - Big Sky

Probot (2004) Track 8 - Big Sky Music - Dave Grohl Lyrics/Vocals - Tom G. Warrior.

Probot - Centuries of sin (full album version)

Full album version featuring Cronos of black metal band Venom.