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RAVEN Multi-Touch Consoles: DAW Workflow Truly EVOLVED (Full Video)

Find Out Why THE RAVEN Consoles will make you work SMARTER, FASTER, and MORE INTUITIVELY. Your studio workflow will be EVOLVED. You've probably heard about the RAVEN MTX and MTi MultiTouch Consoles from Slate. You may have even watched a few video showing off a few features on Pro Tools. Well in this new video, Steven Slate shows demonstrates new features using a real Pro Tools mix session that will be sure to inspire any engineer who demands a more creative and efficient way to work in the modern studio. PART 1: FADERS EVOLVED - Steven shows you how the RAVEN doesn't just copy the classic fader, but evolves it through adding features that will help you mix more precisely, naturally, and quickly in any DAW. PART 2: MONITORING EVOLVED - Many high priced DAW control consoles have cheap amplifiers in their monitoring paths. Not so with the RAVEN MTX. Steven discusses the state of the art monitor section that includes many modern day necessities. PART 3: The RAVEN MTi - Steven shows you the $2499 little brother to the MTX, the RAVEN MTi, that shares the same amazing virtual workflow enhancements in DAWs. PART 4: EDITING EVOLVED - Prepare to be inspired by this detailed RAVEN editing tutorial where Steven shows you how to customize the board to do lightening fast vocal comping and more. PART 5: MIXING EVOLVED - Steven begins his mix on the RAVEN and shows you how turning your DAW into the control surface is the most natural and seamless workflow. Tweak the ACTUAL plugin GUI's as if they were hardware. No generic controller knobs! PART 6: FAQ - Steven answers the most common questions about the RAVEN series. Take your DAW workflow to the next level! MORE INFORMATION: USA SALES: Guitar Center Pro UK SALES: MediaPros International sales information at


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Raja and Raven TOOT and BOOT the looks from the the red carpet at RuPaul's Drag Race: Reunited season six! Enjoy the video? Subscribe here!

This RAVEN knows EXACTLY whats it doing... Haha

Steven Wilson - The Raven that Refused to Sing

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That's So Raven - S01E02

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RAVEN - lay down the law *metal band 80's*

RAVEN - lay down the law.