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Moonbeam - The Raven (Official Video)

Black Hole 521-0 Moonbeam - The Raven 1. Original Mix 2. Rosie Romero & Ian Round Remix Video directed by Pavel Khvaleev. Moonbeam present their new single "The Raven" on the Black Hole imprint. It seems that our friends from Moonbeam are really on a roll with their new releases. Not too long ago, we heard their new single "Only You" with vocalist Jacob A and the follow up "You Win Me" which they recorded with singer Aeylin. Still amongst the biggest music exponents of Russian dance music, their reputation defining debut album "Around The World" harvested the hit singles "Song For A Girl", "Breathless" and "Look Around". Their debut mix compilation "Space Odyssey" soon followed on Black Hole Recordings and it was Tiƫsto who reserved Moonbeam's 2007 single "See The Difference Inside" for his acclaimed "In Search Of Sunrise 6, Ibiza". The same happened later on with Moonbeam's remix of Rachael Star's "To Forever" on the 7th, Asia themed part of the series. Moonbeam's 2011 album "The Secret" was one of their many releases on their own label Moonbeam Digital and now the boys present their latest diamond: the single "The Raven". Fans of Moonbeam will be nicely surprised to hear the abstract character of this new single. With clear references to Depeche Mode's "Behind The Wheel", the track unfolds as an intense, progressive floor filler with respective tech- elements. Rosie Romero and Ian Round kept the progressive sound of the original, but turned it into a real in-depth underground style club stomper. Moonbeam's "The Raven" will be the white raven on many playlists, surprising everyone on the dance floor.


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