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Ravens vs Crows, they're different!

A Raven is a Crow, like a wolf is a dog...there's a big difference! See the film; In it, you'll see the real differences between Ravens and Crows, like; where and how they live, and more importantly you'll see that their family lives are world's apart. Ravens are are like the mid-western married couple that buy a farm, raising their kids and live and work it as a married couple for life. Crows, well crows are more like inter-city gang bangers. Check out all our short films, books and Instant Videos (on nature, cooking, crafts etc) at Amazon here; This short shows some of the more obvious physical differences between a raven and a crow and is taken from the Raven Diaries DVD Movie series, available at For the real animal lovers, see "Bob, Huey & Me" - the amazing true story about a baby raven raised to be wild and how he took over the entire neighborhood, teasing and playing with everything and everyone he came in contact with! This is great story for animal lovers of all ages and is available at Amazon. "Bob Huey & Me" DVD, video rental here; "The Wildlife of Crystal Cove" Movie, the ravens and I take you on a walking tour of Crystal Cove California State Park to show you, whales, dolphins, coyotes, bobcats, birds, seals, sea lions and more. Now on Video on Demand at Amazon; Or you can get the DVD at; "The Raven Diaries - Parts 1, 2, 3" DVD here; Part 4 is the "The Crystal Cove Project" and the DVD is available here: and Part 5 - "How Did Birds Evolve?" here; See trailers for each of these movies on our theravendiaries channel. And there's more at our store at The Raven Diaries, "Real Stories about Real Ravens" Happy Ravening!


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