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Repulsion - Take No Prisoners TV (January 1991)

This show WITH AUDIO is available in the Flint Underground Music Archive at . This show was part of a series shown on Flint, Michigan's public access channel. The show focused on local mid-Michigan bands during the 1990's. Ben Hamper("Rivethead" author) and Jerry Humphrey host this zany documentation of Flint's excellent underground music scene. © Take No Prisoners TV / Prospect Hall ASCAP This series is licensed for non-commercial distribution only. No audio or video portion of any show may be sold under any circumstances. The professionals that freely volunteered their time and talent to produce the show, appreciate your respect. Digitally remastered in 2007 by Aaron Stengel Producers: Steve Hester, Ben Hamper, Jerry Humphrey


Repulsion-Horrifed (full album)

What can I say that hasn't already been said about this album. Definately influencial on Death Metal and Grindcore acts such as Entomed, Carcass, Cannibal Co...

repulsion TRAILER

Repulsion is a 1965 film directed by Roman Polanski on a scenario by Gerard Brach and Roman Polanski. It was Polanski's first English language film, and was ...

Repulsion - Power of the Riff East 2012

Exclusive Master Recordings at low rates, Pro HD Quality . Please contact if you'd like us to shoot a show in New York City for you. Repu...

Radiation Sickness. Repulsion - Horrified

Well, nothing. I'm uploading for you grindcore-heads this magnificent classic album (for the most, the very first grindcore record). Hope you like it! Band: ...

Repulsion Part 1

Repulsion Was filmed in London in the mid 1960's and is a snapshot of the swing 60s! And is a black and white Art House film. Description of the film- A girl...

Repulsion (1965 - Roman Polanski) - Rape Scene.wmv

Repulsion - Demo (1991)

Excruciating -Rebirth -Helga(Lost Her Head) -House Of Freaks.

Portal 2: Repulsion Gel product review

Just got this for Christmas it's really cool and I love Portal so much I decided to make a review about it. Get this at:

Repulsion Theatrical Trailer HD

The theatrical trailer for Roman Polanski's breakthrough English-language film Repulsion, starring Catherine Deneuve.