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Repulsion Part 1

Repulsion Was filmed in London in the mid 1960's and is a snapshot of the swing 60s! And is a black and white Art House film. Description of the film- A girl...


La discesa nella nevrosi di una giovane donna interpretata da Catherine Deneuve in questo capolavoro di Roman Polanski.

Repulsion - Take No Prisoners TV (January 1991)

This show WITH AUDIO is available in the Flint Underground Music Archive at . This show was part of a series shown on Flint, Michiga...


Original lineup of Scott Carlson, Aaron Freeman, Dave Grave, Matt Olivo. Recorded for TV October 13, 1990 Flint michigan.

Repulsion (1965 - Roman Polanski) - Rape Scene.wmv

Repulsion - Interview @ Scion Rock Fest 2012 (Scion AV)

During Scion Rock Fest 2012, Repulsion sat down with Scion A/V to talk about starting a band, going further and the Michigan metal scene. While relatively un...

Repulsion Theatrical Trailer HD

The theatrical trailer for Roman Polanski's breakthrough English-language film Repulsion, starring Catherine Deneuve.

Repulsion-Horrified (Full Album) Track listing Horrified 1."The Stench of Burning Death" -- 0:00 2."Eaten Alive" -- 1:33 3."Acid Bat...

Repulsion - The Fallout Shelter (Fall 1987)

This video is part of the Flint Underground Music Archive at Recorded in November, 1987, in the basement of the Capitol Theatre in F...