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Revolution Renaissance

Revolution Renaissance


Revolution Renaissance is the new band of Timo Tolkki, founded in 2008 immediatly after leaving Stratovarius. The first record from the new band, aptly entitled "New Era", includes the vocal talents of Michael Kiske (ex HELLOWEEN), Tobias Sammet (EDGUY, AVANTASIA) and Pasi Rantanen (THUNDERSTONE) plus Mirka Rantanen on drums (THUNDERSTONE), Pasi Heikkilä on bass (45 DEGREE WOMAN) and Joonas Puolakka on keyboards. Tolkki originally composed all the songs included in this album for Stratovarius, but after the group broke up, he thought he needed to get these songs out and did not spend time looking for a permanent band line-up. Since then Tolkki has found 3 excellent soulmates with young and fresh energy and is already writing material for a new album. The band also left Frontiers records mainly due to lack of promotional activities and investment to the band. The new label will be announced soon. An extensive South American tour has been scheduled at the moment and the projected release date for the first real REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE album is February 2009 followed by a World Tour.

Revolution Renaissance Metal Albums

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Revolution Renaissance is the new band and brainchild of former Stratovarius guitarist Timo Tolkki. Stratovarius were one of the leading pioneers of progressive power metal they [...]

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