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The Zombie in U - ZombiU Gameplay and Screwing Around in the Campaign w/ SSoHPKC #10 - Riot Zombie Plague

If you enjoyed the video please leave a like - I'd really appreciate it, thanks :D These helmets shall be the death of me ● TWITTER -!/SSoHPKC ● Ask me questions here: ● My Facebook - ● My Website - ● Creature Hub - ● Creature Business Inquiry Email - What is with all these Zombies and U? London is falling! A great plague has enveloped the city in a fog of death. Humanity has been ravaged by infection, the diseased prowl through the streets, waiting to prey on your living flesh at every turn! ZombiU is built from the ground up to take full advantage of the WiiU and its revolutionary New Controller and will test your will to survive in a fear-fueled zombie Survival Horror First Person Shooter. Make every second count; you only get one chance. Stay Human. The game is about survival. Survive as long as you can without being overtaken by the swarm of zombies waiting around every corner to become CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSEEEEE! Let it be known that I love Amazon. Other stuff to check out: The Zombie in U - ZombiU Gameplay and Screwing Around in the Campaign w/ SSoHPKC #9 - De Rimedi Secreti On the Border - Borderlands 2 Gameplay / Walkthrough w/ Sly and Immortal Part 62 - Things Get Harder The Walking Dead "Episode 5: No Time Left" Extra - Alternate Choices : After the Credits Cutscene Minecraft - The Ex-Communicated Series with Sly and Nova Part 59 - The Amazing Floor Lego Lord of the Rings Gameplay / Walkthrough w/ SSoHPKC Part 14 - Gandalf is So White


Huntington beach riot on main street 7/28/2013

This is a very stupid, yet interesting display of one aspect of humanity. Combine alcohol with young rebellious teenagers and you can get this. Yes these peo...

Riot TV

When a riot takes place, why not turn it into a sporting event?

Ranch Riot!! Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9's.

Contains Graphic images. Protestors at the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada take on the Feds and stand their ground. Video courtesy of the Pete Santilli Sh...

Korean Riot Control Amazing

Pussy Riot Gets Whipped in Sochi

Like VICE News? Subscribe to our news channel: Check out more videos from VICE News here: In Sochi,...

Riot - Live at My Fathers Place - Long Island, New York 9-15-1981 (Full Show)

Riot (Fire Down Under line up) Guy Speranza - vocals (RIP 1956 - 2003) Mark Reale - guitar (RIP 1955 - 2012) Rick Ventura - guitar Kip Leming - bass Sandy Sl...

Newcastle Fans Riot 14/04/13

This is a video with footage containing the Newcastle United fans rioting after Sunderland beat Newcastle United 3-0. Check my channel for more video on the ...

Cuadrangular Riot México - J1: Lyon Vs STR

Cuadrangular Riot México - J1: Lyon Gaming Vs Satori // Copa Latinoamérica Set#3 // Minuto a minuto competitivo en @eSportsLatino // Toda la información de los eSports en la región: http://espo...


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