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Rollins Band

Rollins Band

Rollins Band Nice Full Album

4 1/2 Stars = A Minor Masterpiece I have three albums from the Rollins Band, they are, "The End of Silence, "Weight," & "Nice." "End of Silence," & "Weight," are good albums of fairly traditional heavy metal. I hear Sabbath & some Rush influence in both albums, more Rush in "Weight," but Henry Rollins lyrics & non-singing style is all his own. "Nice" is where (at least for me) Henry Rollins hits his stride, a combination of high octane Punk/Funk/Metal, this album just don't stop! Henry has a new backing band here (Mother Superior), & man they can play, just darting & dodging through funky rhythms & times changes like a shark after a swimmer, this album is filled with sharp teeth! The first song, "One Shot," sucks you in & spits you out with its tornadic sound of Punk/Funk/Metal, just a monster! "Gone Inside the Zero," is just an all out attack on the ears, making you beg for more. "Up for It," & its funky bass line & backing female soul singers is a loving nod to R&B of a time long passed. "What's the Matter Man," just crackles with high energy in it's short two minute playing time. "Your Number is One," is an ass shaker of Punk/Funk/Metal motion. "Nice" is by far my favorite Rollins album, but I have to say I've not heard them all. If you are like me & like a little hot funk to spice up your metal, then "Nice" is a great place to start in the Rollins Band catalog, if not than you may find the more traditional metal sound of "The End of Silence" & "Weight," more to your liking. 1. One Shot 2. Up For It 3. Gone Inside The Zero 4. Hello 5. What's The Matter Man 6. Your Number Is One 7. Stop Look & Listen 8. I Want So Much More 9. Hangin' Around 10. Going Out Strange 11. We Walk Alone 12. Let That Devil Out


Rollins Band - 'Weight' (Full Album)

'Weight' (1994) 1. Disconnect 0:00 - 4:56 2. Fool 4:56 - 9:23 3. Icon 9:23 - 13:05 4. Civilized 13:05 - 16:59 5. Divine Object of Hatred 16:59 - 21:01 6. Lia...

Rollins Band - The End Of Silence (Album)

The 3rd full-length release by the Rollins Band. IMAGO, 1991 Sim Cain -- drums Chris Haskett -- guitar Henry Rollins -- vocals Andrew Weiss -- bass guitar 1)...

Rollins Band - Liar

Rollins Band was an American rock group led by singer and songwriter Henry Rollins. They are best-known for the songs "Low Self Opinion" and "Liar", which bo...

Rollins Band - "Tearing" - Live + Interview - The Dennis Miller Show April 1992

A 5+ minute interview with Henry then an Intense performance of the Rollins Band classic "Tearing" (starting at around 5:30) on The Dennis Miller Show April ...

Rollins Band - Illumination

Music video by Rollins Band performing Illumination. (C) 2000 Geffen Records.

Rollins Band - Come In And Burn [Full Album/HQ]

1.) Shame [0:00] 2.) Starve [5:32] 3.) All I Want [9:40] 4.) The End of Something [14:22] 5.) On My Way to the Cage [19:12] 6.) Thursday Afternoon [22:33] 7....

Rollins Band Nice Full Album

4 1/2 Stars = A Minor Masterpiece I have three albums from the Rollins Band, they are, "The End of Silence, "Weight," & "Nice." "End of Silence," & "Weight,"...

Rollins Band - Low Self Opinion

Rollins Band - Low Self Opinion.

Rollins Band @ Bizarre Festival (Full Show)[Pro-shot]

Rollins Band live @ Bizarre Festival,Weeze,GER (20.8.2000)[Full Concert] -HQ- Set list: 01) Stop Look Listen 02) Tearing 03) Hotter And Hotter 04) Thinking C...