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Rose Funeral

Rose Funeral

Rose Funeral - Crucify.Kill.Rot. [Album 2007] + Lyrics

CD, Marzo 2007 - Siege Of Amida Records 1. Crucify.Kill.Rot 2. God's Hideous Creation 3. Sledge Hammer Face Lift 4. The Well 5. Intereo Diu 6. Dawning the Resurrection 7. State of Decay 8. Eternal Regret 9. Under a Godless Sky 10. Buried Amongst the Flames Lyrics 1. CRUCIFY. KILL. ROT Crucify. Kill. Rot (x10) 2. GOD'S HIDEOUS CREATION We will see the fall of mankind No one can ever save us Death to all the sinners And the good will be set free Blood runs trhough the streets People screaming to him why The stench of dead bodies Fill the air Walking through these corspes Maggots render their flesh The only way to live Is to kill And make them suffer Each breath I have no remorse For the human race Soon it will be over Your life belongs to no one Corses fill the street As you are begging for forgivness God's hideoues creation Your body shakes and trembels When will you be saved Mankind will suffer for him We are all dead We are dead 3. SLEDGE HAMMER FACE-LIFT Crush in your face Smash up your teeth I want you dead I just want to see your blood As you suffer You bleed to death Your skull is fractured Face is mutalated My sledge Your face Is your fucking death Taken your life To satesfy Shaking begging I spit in your face Now I have your Life in my hands Return to your grave Feast on your remains Mutaliting your corpse Smashing in your brains Now your fucking dead Guts spill from your side As you suffer You bleed to death Your skull is fractured Face is mutalated Sledge coverd in blood That brains fall from Suffering in blood Each dying breath 4. THE WELL Drowing at the bottem of a fucking well Bodies Rising from this well Taken from their grave In this living hell Ripping, tearing through the flesh You will be the first Victums of their thirst Blood is sprying Fleash is falling Dead are rising Blood is gushing Start to converse Now your turning Bodies, left for dead Will-be-rising Infesting The human race To serve their blood lust Raise the dead Feast on the living 5. INTERO DIU (Instrumental) 6. DAWING THE RESERECTION (Instrumental) 7. STATE OF DECAY Blood stains on the walls Hanging from my hook Cuts spill out onto this floor From this life I took I crave your body I need your flesh In this life of tormant No one will survie I don't want to hear your screams I'll only watch you die Cutting through your flesh Blood drips out then pours Hacking up your body From this life I took Kicking and screaming Begging for her life I want your body I crave your flesh 8. UNDER A GODLESS SKY I'm watiign in the darkness Her blood will soon be mine She took this life for granted Her body they won't find I'll show her evil that she never knew existed She starts to pray as she is being mutalated I torture rape and kill Under a godless sky Killing for pleasure, my need for blood will not stop I live for your death, for your pain, I am insane I will not stop until your dead and buried, Dismebered and nameless They will not find me Pray to your god that's nowhere By my hands, you will die I torture rape and kill Under a godless sky I disfigur her body Lying in her grave I see only death I feel no pain 9. ETERNAL REGRET I want you dead No longer breathing Suffering in blood Die! Feel my pain Choke on your words I have no remorse I want you dead No longer breathing Suffering in blood This is only the beginning feel this fucking pain Screaming from the knife inside you Your flesh becomes mine Haunting on my dreams no longer suffer on your words Coverd in blood barley breathing servering your nerves You'll suffer in your coffin You'll suffer in death I want you dead No longer breathing Suffering in blood I have no remorse 10. BURIED AMONGST FLAMES Rise upon the face of death Buried amongst the flames These servents of torture Killing for your pain Tearing into your flesh Digging into your bone Your blood becomes the life Death is all you know Now you suffer in the darkness Ripping into you Exposing your insides Suffer in your hell Buried amongst the flames Taken into torture To die Torment your soul in hell


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Rose Funeral - Sledge Hammer Face Lift from the album Crucify.Kill.Rot is the copyrighted property of its owner(s.

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