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Rose Funeral

Rose Funeral

Rose Funeral: Gates of Punishment Interview With Ryan Gardner At Heavy MTL 2012

Join us on Facebook: Join us on Twitter: With Gates of Punishment nearing its one-year anniversary, the members of Rose Funeral found themselves playing at Heavy MTL 2012 to legions of hardcore metal fans. These fans are pretty unforgiving when it comes to their metal; they want good metal and aren't afraid to be vocalize their disapproval when something sucks (just ask Five Finger Death Punch how they feel). Luckily, Rose Funeral is serious about its metal and its particular brand of death metal, which incorporates death metal and black metal vocals, crushing riffs, and NWOBHM melodies on dual guitars. We were originally scheduled to interview Kevin Snook (lead guitar), but we ultimately found ourselves sitting down with Ryan Gardner (vocalist). As it turns out, this was the first time for Rose Funeral to play an event on this magnitude, making it an exciting and memorable experience for the band. (We're sure the fans at Heavy TO didn't give them as warm a reception as Heavy MTL did.) Rose Funeral better get used to playing events this large, because the band has arrived. For more heavy metal news, album reviews, and video interviews. Visit us at


Rose Funeral "Beyond the Entombed"

Rose Funeral "Beyond the Entombed" from the album "Gates of Punishment". Buy Here:


Rose Funeral at Blondies in Detroit, Michigan 9-17-2009. timmy, the singer from the resting sonata, rejoined the band, and this is their first show. enjoy, a...

Rose Funeral - Crucify. Kill. Rot

Here's the song "Crucify.Kill.Rot" from Rose Funeral's first albums "Crucify. Kill. Rot" Lyrics: Crucify. Kill. Rot.

Rose Funeral - ROAD VLOG #3 from "The Spring Slasher Tour" with Pathology

Band - Rose Funeral Tour - The Spring Slasher Tour with Pathology and The World We Knew Vlog # - 3 Release Date - April 29, 2012 SUBSCRIBE at

Rose Funeral - God's Hideous Creation

Here's the song "God's Hideous Creation" from Rose Funeral's first album "Crucify. Kill. Rot" Lyrics: We will see the fall of mankind No one can ever save us...

Rose Funeral - State Of Decay

Here's the song "State Of Decay" from Rose Funeral's first album "Crucify.Kill.Rot" Lyrics: Blood stains on the walls Hanging from my hook Cuts spill out ont...

ROSE FUNERAL - The Well (lyrics)

DISCLAIMER* • 'I do not own the copyrights to this song. There is no copyright violation intended. This video is for entertainment reasons only."Copyright D...

Under a Godless Sky-Rose Funeral

Under a Godless Sky with lyrics, the timing when the lyrics pop out, got pretty fucked up after the video was published, so im sorry about that..

Rose Funeral - God's Hideous Creation (lyrics)

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own the music in this video, they belong to Rose Funeral and their respective record label. I uploaded this for promotional purposes, an...