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Saint Deamon

Saint Deamon

Saint Deamon - Pandemonium - Vocal COVER

Hey Hey!! This song is just a-mazing! This is my vocal cover! I've recorded it separetely with the backing vocals so the video is not "live". I just sang along. Pretty high pitched song! Rock on my friends and check out my other covers \,,/ -------- saint deamon vocal cover kiske kotipelto power metal pandemonium Jan-Thore Grefstad


Saint Deamon - In Shadows Lost From The Brave [Full Album]

Artista: Saint Deamon Album: In Shadows Lost From The Brave Año: 2008, Enero 25 0:00 - 01. The Exodus (Intro) 0:51 - 02. My Judas 5:47 - 03. In Shadows Lost ...

Saint Deamon "The Brave Never Bleeds"

Taken from the album "In Shadows Lost From The Brave"

Saint Deamon - My Heart

Saint Deamon - My Heart Taken from the "In Shadows Lost From The Brave 2008" Album (C) 2008 Frontiers Records All Rights Reserved.

Saint Deamon - No Mans Land

Saint Deamon is a Swedish Power Metal band that formed in 2006. As far as I know, they're pretty underground. Buy their music! They're AMAZING! Track 6 Album...

saint deamon - my sorrow

my sorrow.

Saint Deamon - Run For Your Life

Saint Deamon - Run For Your Life with the brest fortress movie clip.

Saint Deamon Pandeamonium

Titel track of the album "Pandeamonium"

Saint Deamon - Oceans Of Glory

This is from our trip down to Norway Rock Festival. Shooted and edited by Thomas Tjäder

Saint Deamon update March 2014

Saint Deamon new release, Gig, news.