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Salt The Wound

Salt The Wound

Salt The Wound Biography


Salt the Wound is an American deathcore band from Cleaveland, Ohio. The group was founded September 11, 2001 by original drummer Jim Agrippe and guitarist/vocalist Mike Kawkabany. The band continued as a duo until the addition of Kevin Schaefer as vocalist with Vince Stropki soon to follow on bass guitar. Jake Scott was added as a second guitar player in September of 2005. As the quartet grew in popularity they toured all through the tri-state area in support of their 2005 EP, entitled "Bedsprings and Bloodshed". With gaining popularity the group has returned to the studio with the following lineup changes to record the follow up to the prior. Nick Cetrone formally of other local bands (Skinny Tree, Red Cellar Doors, Disingrace) has now stepped in to fill the role on drums made available with Jim's April 2006 departure. Vince has made the move from bass to guitar and that leads to the guys welcoming Dave Mihalik on bass. Bass moved from Dave to Abe Zieleniec (Reaching Your End ), and then to Chicago native, and current member Brian "Brooklyn" Martinez. Right around the same time Nick Cetrone stayed until Tim McCullough was ready. After Tim left Nick Cetrone came back for a month for a full U.S. tour while drummer Brandon Tabor (The Analyst) prepared for tracking Carnal Repercussions and current member Rob Walters learned the set. Meanwhile, in late 2007 shortly after Carnal Repercussions was released, vocalist Matt Tanner (formally in My Virgin Eyes) was added to the band, replacing Kevin. Since Matt's addition the band has had a stable lineup. Soon after Matt's arrival came his departure. Matt has joined up with a new band from Mt. Home/Carbondale, Il TITANS. After a few vocalists Mat Wessoly became a solid member. The current lineup did Several U.S. tours, a tour inEurope, and the released a 2nd album, "Ares" through 2008-2009. Salt the Wound will be playing their last show in the United States on January 9th and doing another overseas tour which will then lead to the band's scheduled disbandment.

Salt The Wound Metal Albums

Carnal Repercussions Thumbnail Image

Initially known as Heresy, this thrash metal outfit hailed from Tucson, Arizona, USA. The band was formed in 1987 by vocalist Brian Zimmerman and guitarist Chris [...]