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Samhain - Initium FULL ALBUM 1984

Samhain first full album. The year is 1984 (released exactly 30 years ago) and from the ashes of the Misfits came the beginning of a Gothic/deathrock band of...

Samhain - November-Coming-Fire [full album, HQ, HD]

The second LP from Glenn Danzig's awesome band. This version is taken from Samhain set box as far as I can remember. "Diabolos '88" "In My Grip" "Mother of M...

Samhain - Archangel

Ninth and last track of the first Samhain album "Initium", released in 1984 on Plan 9 Records. This song was written for Dave Vanian of The Damned, but Glenn...

Samhain - Final Descent [full album]

Samhain was a band formed by Glenn Danzig after The Misfist and it transitioned into Danzig. Very interesting music, much more experimental than most of Glen...

Samhain - Live in Chicago 1986 (Blood encore!) HD

This is the best quality video (remastered from the source tape) of Samhain's legendary blood encore at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago, IL, 1986. Truly one of ...

Samhain drummer LONDON MAY talks with Eric Blair about Glenn Danzig 2011

LONDON MAY talks to Eric Blair about His time with Samhain , Glen Danzig's personality, Rick Rubin, Albums "November-Coming-Fire" & "Final Descent", Dischord...

Samhain - To Walk the Night

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the music in the following video. Samhain Photos Music: Samhain - To Walk the Night Lyrics: To walk the night To feel ...

SAMHAIN - Archangel

Live At The Stardust Ballroom 1984

Samhain! (Simple Ways You Can Celebrate)

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