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Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar Biography


Sammy Hagar, popular in the early- mid 1980's for fast paced, guitar-driven, hard pop-rock with a masculine, lets-go-party attitude, joined the band Van Halen as lead vocalist after David Lee Roth's departure from the group. (Before joining Van Halen he sang lead vocals in Ronnie Montrose's classic rock band Montrose.) As much as it was public surprise when Hagar joined the band, so it was when he left. Sammy Hagar now peddles his own line of high-quality "Cabo Wabo" tequila. In the Spring of 2007, Hagar sold his stake in Cabo Wabo tequila to an Italian beverage company for a reported $80 million. Hagar, now a sort of modern-day Jimmy Buffett, has earned his place in rock n roll history as one of pop-hard-rock's premier front men who not only has an ample, strong, belting vocal range with soulful melody and tone, but his duality as a formidible lead guitarist and guitar-riff-monger puts him in a league shared with few others in terms of versatility and overall right to rock. He now tours with Mike Anthony former bassist for Van Halen. He resides with his family in Mill Valley, CA. Best Sportsmanship View Full-Size Photo by Peter Kramer / Getty Images The award goes to Sammy Hagar and Mike Anthony for being gentlemen about being snubbed by their former Van Halen band mates. They weren't invited to participate in the band's reunion tour, and they were the band's sole representatives at VH's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction. They handled both with good humor and professionalism. Hagar is currently developing a side project called "Chickenfoot" with Michael Anthony, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and guitarist Joe Satriani, which will include a yet unnamed studio album release. Hagar has said the band has written 8 or 9 songs that sound like Led Zeppelin. The Supergroup plans to record an album in September and release it before the end of the year.[1][2] Hagar also released new singles entitled "Open" and "I'm on a Roll" via digital providers. Sammy Hagar is also known as the Red Rocker, due to the fact he almost always wears red shirts or plays a red guitar.

Sammy Hagar Metal Albums

The Essential Red Collection Thumbnail Image

Sammy Hagar, The Essential Red Collection

Standing Hampton Thumbnail Image

Japanese only SHM paper sleeve pressing. The SHM-CD format features enhanced audio quality through the use of a special polycarbonate plastic. Using a process developed by [...]

Live 1980 Thumbnail Image

U.S. CD debut for his 1983 live Capitol LP featuring eight tracks recorded live in 1980, plus a live version from 1977 of ’Someone Out There’ [...]

Unboxed Thumbnail Image

Before 1985, when Sammy Hagar became the second frontman for Van Halen, he had a fairly successful career as a solo artist. Unboxed compiles his best songs [...]

Red Voodoo Thumbnail Image

It might appear unseemly for a fiftysomething singer to be praising the consumption of mas tequila . But this is Sammy Hagar we’re talking about, the overgrown beach boy [...]

Danger Zone Thumbnail Image

Odder than odd, this remix album removes much of what listeners closely associate as being what Bush is about (pop-Nirvana clones) and turns the focus onto [...]

Three Lock Box Thumbnail Image

Odder than odd, this remix album removes much of what listeners closely associate as being what Bush is about (pop-Nirvana clones) and turns the focus onto [...]

Loud & Clear Thumbnail Image

2009 two CD set. Iron Maiden’s historic Somewhere Back In Time World Tour in February and March of 2008, is considered to be the most ambitious [...]

Best of Sammy Hagar Thumbnail Image

If she had made her mark only through the garish video to ”Love Is a Battlefield,” Pat Benatar would still stand as a ’80s icon. Ah, [...]

Ten 13 Thumbnail Image

It’s fitting that perennial party boy Sammy Hagar would title a CD after his own birth date, as every day of his life is seemingly a [...]

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