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Satyricon - Roadkill Extravaganza

Roadkill Extravaganza is Satyricon's own footage from extensive touring throughout the world during 2000. Live-shots, backstage, scenery, you name it. Satyricon have also answered some of the questions sent in to them by fans via Moonfog's web-site. This is raw Satyricon and what it's meant to be. It's not one concert recorded, mixed and put together to make it look nice. This is how it really is when a rock band is on tour! It was made especially with true Satyricon fans in mind.This was between January and July 2000! You have a two hour vault you can pick and chose from, whether you want to see one of the many relentless live-clips or just drift away to the far side with the absurdities of Satyricon. Including: European gardens, Don't mention the war, Testdrive section, Cronos, Faust, Pantera, Darkthrone, Immortal, Emperor, Sunny Schweinburger, Dan Eggen, crazy Italians, Shane Embury, Goth advertisements, ring-girls, sportscars, drunkenness and the almighty Satyricon! Enjoy !


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