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Scar Symmetry

Scar Symmetry

Scar Symmetry Biography


Scar Symmetry is a modern melodic death metal band from Avesta, Sweden formed in 2004. In addition to typical melodic death metal aesthetics (numerous melodies and harmonies in the guitars, growling vocals, etc.), they incorporate synthesised sounds into their music. Their lyrics are themed towards mysticism, philosophy, and inner struggles. They had been touring through North America with Dark Tranquillity, The Haunted and Into Eternity, and took part in a US/Canada tour with Katatonia, Insomnium, and Swallow the Sun in 2007. The band's third album, Holographic Universe, was released on June 20, 2008. Following the release, Scar Symmetry did not embark on tours and released a statement 11 September 2008, announcing that they had parted ways vocalist Christian Älvestam, due to touring conflicts and creative differences. On 6 October, they announced the replacements for Christian Alvestam: they will continue with two singers, Roberth Karlsson (growls) and Lars Palmqvist (clean vocals). Members and other projects: * Roberth Karlsson - Lead Vocals (growls) * Lars Palmqvist - Lead Vocals (clean vocals) * Henrik Ohlsson - Drums (Altered Aeon, Mutant (Swe), Theory in Practice, ex-Diabolical (Swe), ex-Thrawn) * Jonas Kjellgren - Guitars (Pexilated, Centinex, World Below, ex-Carnal Forge, ex-Dellamorte, ex-Sickenside, guest for Incapacity) * Kenneth Seil - Bass. * Per Nilsson - Guitars, backing vocals (Kaipa, Altered Aeon, ex-World Below, ex-Thrawn) Discography: Symmetric In Design (2005) Pitch Black Progress (2006) Holographic Universe (2008) Dark Matter Dimensions (2009)

Scar Symmetry Metal Albums

Holographic Universe Thumbnail Image

Scar Symmetry is a Swedish melodic Death Metal band from Avesta. Holographic Universe is their third full-length studio album released in 2008. The band released the [...]

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