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Septic Flesh

Septic Flesh

Septic Flesh Biography


Hailing from Greece, Septic Flesh was founded in 1990. The band's sound is considered to be comparable to Death Metal mixed with Doom Metal elements. The band has often been compared to other bands of the similiar style, like Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride or Nightfall. In 2003 the band disbanded for several reasons but reunited in 2007. Nowadays, they play a mix of death metal and neo-classical. This combination is oftenly discribed as atmospheric death metal. Discography: Forgotten Path (1991, demo tape) Temple Of Lost Race (1991, LP) Mystic Places Of Dawn (1994, CD/Pic-LP on Holy Rec.) Esoptron (1995, CD on Holy Rec.) Ophidian Wheel (1997, CD on Holy Rec.) A Fallen Temple (1998, CD on Holy Rec.) Forgotten Paths (The Early Days) (1999, CD collecting their early works on Black Lotus Rec.) Revolution DNA (1999, CD on Holy Rec.) Sumerian Demons (2003, CD on Hammerheart Rec.) Communion (2008, CD on Season Of Mist Rec.)

Septic Flesh Metal Albums

Communion Thumbnail Image

Upon its’ initial release in ’97, The DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN’s Under the Running Board threw down the gauntlet to the late 90’s hardcore and metal scenes. [...]

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