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Sevendust Biography


Sevendust is an alternative metal band from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. They formed in late 1994 under the name "Crawlspace" but later were forced to change their name when a group from the West Coast claimed rights to it. They struggled to find a new title but finally settled on Sevendust after bassist Vinnie Hornsby was looking through his grandmother's garage and found a can of plant pesticide called "Sevindust." Vocalist Lajon Witherspoon's take on the name is that seven is a holy number and we are all made of dust. Their name has also been associated with the computer virus with the same name. They were originally signed to TVT Records, but now have released their first album with Winedark Records (through Universal Music). Sevendust is more than brutal riffs and crushing authority displayed in their live shows. The band is known for their innovative sound that has successfully merged into the evolving music scene. Sevendust released their latest album "Chapter VII: Hope & Sorrow" April 1st, 2008, only about a year after their 2007 album "Alpha" Sevendust's next album titled "Cold Day Memory" is slated for a April 20th 2010 release with their new single titled "Unraveling" now playing on your local rock stations.

Sevendust Metal Albums

Southside Double-Wide: Acoustic Live Thumbnail Image

Includes: 70 minute CD, 1 hour DVD, 25 Collector postcards, 1 Sevendust guitar pick, 12-page booklet with tour memorabilia

Sevendust Thumbnail Image

At first it sounds like Living Colour vocalist Corey Glover was spliced into a joint project between Faith No More and Testament, but the longer Sevendust’s [...]

Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow Thumbnail Image

Sevendust are back with their seventh studio album, Chapter VII: Hope & Sorrow, produced by Sean Groove, Morgan Rose & John Connolly. The release will be [...]

Next Thumbnail Image

Featuring Joe Zawinul (Best Contemporary Jazz Album), Souza Luciana & Etta Jones (Best Jazz Vocal Album), Alvin Youngblood Hart (Best Traditional Blues Album) & Mary Youngblood [...]

Alpha Thumbnail Image

No Description Available. Genre: Popular Music Media Format: Compact Disk Rating: PARelease Date: 6-MAR-2007Alpha, the latest outing from this veteran act is both good and maddening. Good because many of the riffs and [...]

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