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Shooting Star

Shooting Star

Tonight ┈━═☆

Shooting Star ✫ 1979 hai, Here's the original music video for Shooting Star's fantastic song Tonight. From their '79 debut album 'Shooting Star'. The way rock was meant to be : ) This entire album is an great compilation of beautifully crafted songs played with excellent musicianship. The arrangement of intricate guitar riffs, coupled with melodic voice lines makes this album a classic, and a must for everyone's collection. You will most certainly not be disappointed! especially the vinyl LP the sound is ALLIIVE! Shooting Star is a rock band from Kansas City. They were formed in the late seventies. After quickly gaining enormous popularity in the Kansas City area, Shooting Star became the first American group to be signed with Virgin Records. They recorded their 1979 debut album in England with legendary producer Gus Dudgeon, best known for his work with Elton John and David Bowie. The band gained national exposure when a number of songs garnered moderate air-play on Album-oriented rock radio stations in the US. Their initial line-up included Van McClain on guitar and vocals, Charles Waltz on violin, keyboards and vocals, Bill Guffey on keyboards, Gary West on guitar and vocals, Ron Verlin on bass, and Steve Thomas on drums. 20 Years and counting ---------------------- Shooting Star celebrated their 20th year as recording artists in the new millennium, with the release of Leap of Faith and a fall tour. The band continues to display its resilience and its love of music, while never forgetting this could be your Last Chance! In 2006, the group released the album Circles. Their current lineup is: Steve Thomas (drums) Shane Michaels (violin) Ron Verlin (bass) Van McLain (guitar) Dennis Laffoon (keyboards) & Kevin Chalfant (lead vocals) Sadly original Keyboardist Bill Guffey (William Guffey III) - Died 4-12-2007 [Born 7-28-1952 in Inglewood, CA, U.S.] Vocalist Ronnie Platt joined the band in April 2007 to take over where Kevin Chalfant left off. -=Discography=- * Shooting Star, 1979 (Billboard Top Album #147, on chart for 14 weeks) * Hang on for Your Life, 1981 (Billboard Top Album #92, on chart for 30 weeks) * Ill Wishes, 1982. (Billboard Top Album #82, on chart for 9 weeks) * Burning, 1983. (Billboard Top Album #162, on chart for 6 weeks) * Silent Scream, 1985. * Best of Shooting Star, 1989. * It's Not Over, 1991. * Shooting Star Live, 1996. * Leap of Faith, 2000. * Best of...V2, 2001. * Circles, 2006. Official website: History of the band: Interesting interview with the band's founder. Up as of 9/16/2005: A mailing list of Shooting Star fans and with occasional appearances by band members: Shooting Star Forum - An e-mail discussion list for Shooting Star Fans: Shooting Star Forum's MySpace page: Wikipedia band info: ENJOY THE MUSIC!: )-~ ┈━==≡≡≡∎∎°∴~ ♪ ♫


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