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Shooting Star

Shooting Star

Jesse Cale - Shooting Star

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I can be your shooting star 
Just catch me when I fall
 Each night for you

 I can be your hiding place
 Keep you safe within my walls
 Just never leave me empty

 Cause somewhere our love 
 It's much brighter than it is here 
Somewhere our love 
Is much safer than it is here 

I can be your rolling wave
 So when you lose control 
I can carry you back to shore 
I can be your morning bird 
I'll sing you back to life 
Just never shut me out 
I can be the gentle breeze 
I'll climb in through your window 
To kiss your cheek and put you to sleep

 Somewhere our love
 Is much stronger than it is here
 Somewhere our love
 Sounds much sweeter than it does here
 (and I can be your gentle breeze, I can do this all of these 
Sing for you, Just let me please, I'll never leave 
And I can be your rolling wave, morning bird and hiding place 
Take you very far away, just let me please)

 And I'd do these for you love
 I'd do all of these for you love 

 Somewhere our love
 Shines much brighter than it does here
 Somewhere our love 
Is much safer than it is here
 And I'll do this for you love

 I can be your shooting star 
Just catch me when I fall 
Each night for you my love -------------------------------- Thanks again for watching :) Video by: Robbie Jeffers, Josh Ebner Edited by: Josh Ebner -------------- Jesse, Cale, Burkett, "Jesse Cale" JesseCale, McSwagger, Mc, Swagger, Shooting, Star, Music, Video, Song, Walking, Tumblr, Benatar, Benetar, Your, Favorite, Martian, YFM, Custom, Guitar, Capo, Bleached, Pants, That, Don't, Fit, Beach, Vignette, Robbie, Jeffers, Josh, Ebner, Laguna, Beach, Waves, Ocean, Maker, look, at, this, hipster, Original


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