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Silverstein - A Shipwreck In the Sand Full Album

Silverstein's fourth album, A Shipwreck In the Sand. Definitely one of my all time favorite albums! Chapter 1: It Burns Within Us All 0:00 A Great Fire 3:58 Vices ft. Liam Cormier 7:16 Broken Stars Chapter 2: Liars, Cheaters, and Thieves 10:46 American Dream 13:53 Their Lips Sink Ships 14:58 I Knew I Couldn't Trust You 18:30 Born Dead ft. Scott Wade Chapter 3: Fight Fire With Fire 21:22 A Shipwreck In the Sand 25:57 I Am the Arsonist 29:05 You're All I Have Chapter 4: Death and Taxes 32:42 We Are Not the World 36:02 A Hero Loses Everyday 39:13 The Tide Raises Every Ship 39:54 The End Ft. Lights Enjoy! Disclaimer: All media belongs to its respective owners. I own nothing.


Silverstein - When Broken is Easily Fixed (Full Album)

No copyright infringement intended. This music does not belong to me; it belongs to its rightful owner(s). All music posted by me is for enjoyment and apprec...

Silverstein Arrivals & Departures (full album)

Tracks: 01 Sound Of The Sun - 0:00 02 Bodies And Words - 3:19 03 If You Could See Into My Soul - 6:33 04 Worlds Apart - 10:32 05 My Disaster - 14:39 06 Still...

Silverstein: Call It Karma

video i made for the song call it karma.

SILVERSTEIN "My Heroine" Official Music Video

WATCH THIS VIDEO IN HD, CLICK HERE: iTunes: Directed by Rage ...

Silverstein - Massachusetts - Vocal Cover by Taylor Thomson

I'm baaaaaack! Here is my second vocal cover ever of a song called Massachusetts by a wicked band called Silverstein. I grew up listening to this band and th...

Silverstein - Smashed Into Pieces (2013 Re-Recording)

Just a quick dub of the new recording of Smashed Into Pieces by Silverstein over the original video.

Silverstein "Vices" HD Official Music Video (Ft. Liam Cormier) | Director: @RobbyStarbuck

Click The HD Option Directed By: Robby Starbuck (follow on twitter @robbystarbuck) Production Co: RS Media Label: Victory Records Band link :

Silverstein - The End feat Lights (feat. Lights)

I do not own the Song or the Cover shown in the Video, it belongs to Silverstein (Victory Records). If you like the Song and Album go and buy it on the 31. M...

89X Live X: Silverstein - Massachusetts (acoustic)

Silverstein performs Massachusetts (acoustic) at a 89X Live X May 1st, 2014 at McShane's Irish Pub and Whiskey Bar in Detroit.