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Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under Biography


Six Feet Under is a death metal band with heavy rock influences on some of their albums. Originally a side project for Cannibal Corpse vocalist Chris Barnes and former Obituary guitarist Allen West, Six Feet Under eventually became a full-time proposition when friction between Barnes and his other bandmates became too much to bear. Featuring ex-Death bassist Terry Butler and drummer Greg Gall in the rhythm section, Six Feet Under issued their debut album, Haunted, in 1995. Barnes subsequently quit Cannibal Corpse, and Six Feet Under issued the stopgap EP Alive and Dead in 1996 to tide fans over until the following year's full-length, Warpath. The bands line up has remained stable since 1997 when Allen West quit to be replaced by Steve Swanson formerly of Massacre. Their third album Maximum Violence appeared in 1999. Graveyard Classics followed a year later and 2001's True Carnage featured guest vocals from Ice-T. Double Dead arrived in 2002, followed by Bringer of Blood in 2003, Graveyard Classics, Vol. 2 in 2004, 13 and the Decade in the Grave box in 2005, Commandment in 2007, and Death Rituals in 2008. SFU's newest album "Graveyard Classics 3" was released on Metal Blade Records in January 2010. The album contains covers of several influential heavy metal artists including Metallica, Slayer, and Prong. Six Feet Under has a strong following in Europe especially in Germany. In fact, the band also released a special German language version of the song "Bringer Of Blood". Six Feet Under have met moderate commercial success, with Maximum Violence being their best selling record and figure among one the top 5 selling death metal bands.

Six Feet Under Metal Albums

Haunted Thumbnail Image

Band’s 8th full-length studio album, produced by Cannibal Corpse and multi-platinum first time Corpse producer Neil Kernon (Queensryche, Nevermore, Skrew, Macabre & more) focusing on technically [...]

Graveyard Classics Thumbnail Image

Reissue of their third killer album frm 1989! Roadrunner Records. 2007.

Graveyard Classics, Vol. 2 Thumbnail Image

Cover of AC/DC’s Classic ”Back In Black” album with Chris Barnes signature vocals.

Warpath Thumbnail Image

Japanese edition of side project by Alan West (Obituary) andChris Burns (Cannibal Corpse) with three bonus tracks:’Insect’, ’Drowning’ and ’Grinder’. 15 tracks total. 1997Metal Blade Records [...]

Maximum Violence Thumbnail Image

No Description Available.Genre: Popular MusicMedia Format: Compact DiskRating: Release Date: 13-JUL-1999

Alive and Dead Thumbnail Image

The thrash metal act’s first release in over nine years. Featuring 12 tracks, recorded live, culled from their first three albums & EP, plus enhanced footage [...]

Double Dead Redux (Bonus Dvd) Thumbnail Image

Inside Out Music is extremely pleased to announce the release of A Night To Remember, the first live CD from Evergrey. Sweden’s titans of dark, melodic [...]

Commandment Thumbnail Image

Where many bands at this stage in their career start talking about melody, accessibility and radio airplay, Bleeding Through resists the trends and walks where many [...]

Death Rituals Thumbnail Image

2008 album from Tampa, FL’s Metal maniacs, their eighth album overall. Vocalist Chris Barnes, along with guitarist Steve Swanson, bass legend Terry Butler, and drummer Greg [...]

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