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Skindred Biography


Skindred is a four-piece "ragga metal" band from Newport, Wales. Their genre is an innovative mix of metal, punk, and reggae. The band was formed in 1999 following the disbandment of vocalist Benji Webbe's previous band, Dub War. Skindred blended reggae and dancehall with searing thrash and punk influences for a striking take on heavy metal hybridism. The group emerged from Wales in 1999, after the dissolution of vocalist Benji Webbe's previous band, Dub War. Rehearsals for a new project featuring other Dub War veterans (Jeff Rose and Martin Ford) didn't work out, but soon Webbe had hooked up with bassist Daniel Pugsley, guitarist Mikey Dee, and drummer Dirty Arya, and Skindred was officially born. The debut LP, Babylon, first appeared in 2002 and 2003, with sporadic success in parts of Europe and the U.S. metal underground. But it wasn't until a year or so later and Lava's involvement that the album really took off. Skindred re-released Babylon in August 2004. Lava's version featured different cover art, and included newly recorded material in addition to the original, Howard Benson-helmed songs. Skindred then headed out on a series of tours with acts like Sevendust, Nonpoint, and Papa Roach, and never looked back. Discography Albums 2002 - Babylon 2007 - Roots Rock Riot 2009 - Shark Bites And Dog Fights Singles 2005 - Nobody 2006 - Pressure 2007 - RatRace 2008 - Trouble 2009 - Electric Avenue 2009 - Stand For Something

Skindred Metal Albums

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Hailing from South Wales, Skindred is a four-piece heavy rock n’ reggae outfit founded by eclectic, energetic vocalist Benji Webbe and fellow bassist-programmer, Daniel Pugsley. ”Skindred [...]

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