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RELAX TV - 3 hours of Relaxing Music, Soothing Nature Sounds, Ambient Music

Relaxing music and soothing nature sounds, peaceful ambient relaxation, relax TV. You may buy these films in original full HD 1080p quality only on ☯ ☯ Inspired by "Caribbean Lounge" 3½ hour long full HD series, you may buy it watermark free in original quality on LoungeV site. Today's Relax TV Program Schedule: 1. Tropical Sights With Soothing Music [0:00:34] 2. Cloud Time Lapse Relaxation [0:06:19] 3. Holiday Lounge [0:08:26] 4. Relaxing Ocean Music To Sleep To [0:14:53] 5. Soothing Wave Sounds [1:05:13] 6. Relaxing Music With River Sounds [1:33:39] 7. Zen Garden (nature sounds) [2:03:54] 8. Calming Surf [2:34:08] 9. Sunsets With Sleep Music [2:46:58] This video was inspired by the official Caribbean Lounge full HD series, featuring tropical beaches with 5.1 surround sound recording of waves, refreshing mountain rivers and captivating underwater landscapes. You can easily set a natural oasis at home and reduce stress with relaxing music, sounds of nature and beautiful scenery. Available for instant download in 1080p or 720p on the official site of the studio. You can buy and play it in original HD quality on your laptop, iPad, HD tablet, iPhone, smartphone or HDTV. (Run Time: 210 minutes) Visit official site: Watch trailer: RELAXING MUSIC It is our second broadcast with soft tracks from some of the most talented ambient music composers. All of the slow music videos were edited using footage that can be purchased on the official site mentioned above in full HD 1080p format. This 3 hour long nature video features over 100 exotic landscapes accompanied by calming nature sounds and beautiful soothing music. 18 months' work on the Lounge V project has resulted in hundreds of hours of relaxing nature footage (enough for our own separate ambient TV channel!). Even though we are not capable of a satellite / cable broadcast at this time, we welcome broadcasters interested in a collaboration. In the meantime we have over 30,000 Youtube subscribers to enjoy these scenic nature films. SOOTHING MUSIC VIDEOS Perfectly suitable for any indoor environment, the HD films included in this Relax TV broadcast with soft music can be used in a wide choice of settings such as waiting rooms, hospitals, spa centers, dental clinics, at home & office, as well as for yoga, hypnosis and meditation exercises. Even if used simply for stress relief, these scenic landscapes, beautiful beaches, flowing mountain rivers, peaceful coral reefs, lush green gardens and other calming natural wonders will only have a positive effect on any busy metropolitan dweller. NATURE SOUNDS Most of the relaxing videos sold today serve more as a background with various musical tracks, we at Lounge V have decided to change that. We have let most of our footage pick up the natural audio from the world we live in. The calming tunes of our world's birds, the melodic flow of water, wind and waves. Each of these were recorded, on location, using Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound technology, but unfortunately, you can not yet hear it on YouTube. SLEEP MUSIC We wanted to set everyone in a sleepy mood by the end of this film and thought of using some of our "cloud/sunset sleep music slow session" starting with time lapses and slowly moving towards colorful evening skies. Let us know if it does the trick! We love hearing from satisfied customers! Also watch our latest relaxing music videos: Ocean TV and Relaxing piano: Copyright © 2013 All music rights reserved. This footage is available for licensing. Contact us for more details:


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