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2 Hours Sleep Hypnosis for Lucid Dreaming

Welcome to sleep hypnosis for lucid dreaming. My name is Jody and I will be your guide for this experience. Please make yourself as comfortable as possible. Lying down on a bed or sofa would be ideal but if these comforts are not available to you right now, no worries, you can still practice your lucid dreaming skills sitting in a chair or sitting crossed legged on the floor. If you ordinarily meditate, your favourite meditation position will do just fine and you could use this hypnosis session as a guided meditation if you would like. If you are ready to start lucid dreaming right now or if you are practising for the next time you go to bed or take a nap either way you will be learning to train your mind and body to become used to slipping into a hypnagogic state at will so you can enjoy a healthy mind improving adventure in the world of your dreams where anything is possible. First it is best to set our intentions for this time you have set aside to relax, enjoy, and improve your self and your sleeping experience. This session will be to practice and improve upon your ability to wake up in your dream and realise you are dreaming or remain awake while you slip into a dream. We will also do some work on control of your dream environment, your enjoyment of it, and learning to free yourself to do whatever it is you would like to do while you are asleep. Perhaps you would like to fly or perform other acts that defy this reality. As you lie as still as you possibly can without becoming uncomfortable or distressed, and you listen to the sound of my voice, at any time you may find yourself drifting off to sleep. You may follow this feeling into sleep if you would like or you may prefer to stay awake until this recording is over. Either one is the right choice. This time you have set aside is about you and your enjoyment of your dream experience so you may choose whatever feels best for you. If you do drift off to sleep and notice yourself dreaming you may look for dream signs. These are things that commonly happen in your dreams that are not likely or possible in your normal waking reality. Look for things that are unusual and defy normal logic. Being able to fly, melting hills, houses with multiple rooms for the same purpose, are examples of dream signs. We will talk more about dreams signs later. Right now it is time to relax, breath deeply and softly, and allow yourself to sink deeper into any reality you would like to find yourself in. If you are new to lucid dreaming it is best if you take a moment to remember some things you commonly dream about and choose something that is close to or the same as one of these dreams. If you don't ordinarily remember your dreams this is a good time to set your intentions to do so. This is a good time to make a mental note to remember and consider your dreams upon awakening. Keeping a dream journal is ..........


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Sleep Music to beat Insomnia, Deep Relaxation and Meditation.

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