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Sodom Biography


There are two artists with this name. 1) Sodom is a German thrash band, formed in 1982. They are one of the big three teutonic thrash bands, along with Kreator and Destruction. Sodom’s original line-up consisted of Tom Angelripper, Chris Witchhunter (R.I.P. 7th September 2008 - “Decompensation of his organic system”) and Aggressor. Taking inspiration from British punk/metal bands such as Motörhead, Discharge, Anti-Nowhere League and Venom, they released two demos which led to a record deal with Steamhammer. Aggressor left the band shortly before releasing the In the Sign of Evil EP (generally regarded as an important early Black Metal release), and was replaced by Grave Violator, who did not last long himself. On the debut album Obsessed by Cruelty he was replaced by Destructor. After the release however, Destructor left Sodom to join Kreator. Destructor (Michael Wulf) died in a motorcycle accident in 1995. Thereafter, their breakthrough album Persecution Mania was released with yet another guitarist, Frank Blackfire. A live album Mortal Way of Live followed. The next album made Sodom famous: Agent Orange, released in 1989. This album managed to sell 100,000 copies in Germany alone. Again, a new guitarist was to be found as Blackfire also left the band to join Kreator. The replacement was found in Michael Hoffman. In this line-up the Better Off Dead album was released in 1990. During the South American tour however, Hoffman decided to stay in Brazil and therefore was forced to quit. His replacement was found in Andy Brings and a new album was recorded, titled Tapping the Vein, which was more death influenced than before. Current members * Tom Angelripper (Thomas Such, Onkel Tom) - Vocals/Bass (Desperados) * Bobby Schottkowski - Drums (ex-Crows, ex-Tom Angelripper) * Bernemann (Bernd Kost) - Guitars (ex-Crows) Former members * Aggressor (Frank Testegen) - Guitars (1983-1984) * Grave Violator (Pepi Dominic) - Guitars (1984-1985) * Destructor (Michael Wulf) - Guitars (later Kreator) (1985-1986) R.I.P. in 1993. * Assator (Uwe Christophers) - Guitars (ex-Darkness (Ger)) (on tour in 1986) * Frank Blackfire (Frank Gosdzik) - Guitars (later Mystic (Bra) and Kreator) (1987-1989, special appearance in the December 28, 2006 concert in Bochum) * Uwe Baltrusch - Guitars (on tour in 1989/1990) (also in Mekong Delta, later House of Spirits) * Michael Hoffman - Guitars (ex-Assassin (Ger)) (1990) * Andy Brings - Guitars (later Powergod) (1991-1995) * Strahli (Dirk Strahlimeier) - Guitars (1995-1996) * Chris Witchhunter (Christian Dudeck) - Drums (1983-1992) (see also Destruction and Bathory) * Atomic Steif (Guido Richter) - Drums (later Stahlträger and Assassin (Ger), ex-Sacred Chao, ex-Holy Moses, ex-Living Death, ex-Brotós) (1992-1996) 2) Sodom (ソドム) were an early-mid 80's Japanese punk group, who played mid-speed hardcore punk. Their style takes cues from The SS, Discharge, Typhus, as well as American hardcore. They have one tape (Sodom & Requiem) and were featured with 7 songs on the ADK Omnibus Vol.1 compilation.

Sodom Metal Albums

Agent Orange Thumbnail Image

1989 album by the German death/ thrash metal trio. Nine tracks.

M-16 Thumbnail Image

Full Title – Alice In Hell / Never, Neverland. UK twofer combines the Canadian thrasher’s ground breaking 1989 & 1990 albums, features 25 tracks including 6 [...]

Tapping the Vein Thumbnail Image

1992 album by the German death/ thrash metal trio. Eleven tracks.

Marooned Thumbnail Image

The German death/ thrash metal trio performing all of their greatest cuts in concert. 23 tracks including two previously unreleased studio tracks. 1994 release.

One Night in Bangkok Thumbnail Image

2003 live release from the German thrash metal act featuring 25 tracks including a brand new song ’The Enemy Inside’ plus a videoclip for ’Among The [...]

Better Off Dead Thumbnail Image

1991 album by the German death/ thrash metal trio. 12 tracks.

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