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The Perfect Soil - Forget about compost piles!

[First image with 5 pots] At first sight, this might look like stages of plant growth. The fact is that these 5 pots were planted 3 weeks ago. Same seed, planted same day. Main difference: Soil. 1.- What are the qualities of perfect soil? + Full of life + Antiseptic + Airy and soft + Good drainage + Full of nutrients + Very fresh smell + Good water retention + Free from unwanted seeds 2.- Layers of soil + Organic Matter + Topsoil Humus + Clay, Silt. Sand, Rock & Bedrock +Acid or Alkaline +Salty / Sweet / Pungent +Mineral Content 3.- Real life example: + Topsoil + Clay + Sand + Forest topsoil + Perfect soil 4.- How can I make perfect soil? Overview 1 - Collect grass, leaves and organic material 2 - Find a way to shred into small sized particles (removing rocks or hard to break items) 3 - Destroy unwanted bacteria and seeds 4 - Inoculate with beneficial bacteria 5 - Maintain warm temperature 6 - Wait for several months/year until the beneficial bacteria take over 7 - Avoid rainwater so that nutrients are not lost 8 - Repeat this process many times to continuously feed your plants Method #1 - Man made machinery +Lawn mowers +Mechanical sifters +Shredders +Composting tanks or bins TOO EXPENSIVE! Method #2 - Traditional Compost pile +Cheap +Labor intensive +Long waiting times +Rainwater protection TOO MUCH TIME! Method #3 - Buy Fertilizer +Not alive +Not scalable +Too expensive +Not homemade TOO COMPLICATED! 5.- What is the vedic way of making perfect soil? The Cow: The perfect soil generator 1.- Collect and shreds huge amounts of organic matter 2.- Inoculate with beneficial bacteria 2.- Automatically filters rocks and bigger particles 4.- Generates antiseptic seedless single units of perfect soil 6.- Procedure 1.- Collect the cow dung 2.- Dry it on a wall 3.- Crush when dry 7.- Innumerable benefits +Movable +Easy to maintain +Gentle and peaceful +Get perfect soil very quickly +Reproduce to increase output +Work every day of the year non-stop +As an extra gift you get milk, yogurt, butter, etc. ************************************************************** WEBSITE: FACEBOOK:



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