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ProVerb ft The Soil - Blessed and Highly Favoured

The Music video for my very spiritual single "Blessed & Highly Favoured" featuring The Soil. This single is taken off my album - FourthWrite. Out now and available on iTunes. A big thank you to my team: Jobie: D.O.P Makere: Director Amy Anstey: Make-up Michael: Production Co-ordinator Suzie: Producer Edited by: Kilroy was here! (Gideon and Charl) Thank You to Zinto Activation Group (ZAG) for the location, and a special thank you to The Soil and Native Rhythms for all their help and support.


Filling My Raised Bed Garden with Soil & Compost in Las Vegas

John from shares with you his plight of finding the best soil to fill his new raised bed garden with. In this episode, John...

Let's Talk About Soil - English

This animated film tells the reality of soil resources around the world, covering the issues of degradation, urbanization, land grabbing and overexploitation...

SOIL & "PIMP" SESSIONS "Summer Goddess"

Soil & "Pimp" Sessions "Summer Goddess"

Impossible - The Soil (Live in Joburg DVD)

From The Soil's first DVD... What I thought was impossible became a pleasent surprise. Watch Master P dominate...

Soil Erosion Lesson for Kids -Know more about it!

Visit for more science videos. Erosion is a process which removes top soil layers & carries them away from soil to water -bodies ...

Soil - Halo

Soil - Halo I'm the man,I'm the king,I'm the one That's pure inside Everyday,everyway I smell of suicide Bitter sins how they grow within So you tell me it a...

How-to Take a Soil Sample to Yield an Accurate Soil Test

Tools, tips and techniques for taking a soil sample that will result in an accurate soil test. Presented by Kerr Center Horticulture Manager George Kuepper. ...

Soil Microbes

Soil Microbes and their importance to us.

Testing Soil for Clay Content

This video shows how to test soil to determine if there is enough clay content to use the soil for construction - cob, adobe, clay plasters, and more.