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Soil - True Self (Full Album)

True Self is the fourth album by the Chicago-based music group Soil. It was released in the US on May 2, 2006, via DRT Entertainment. This is the band's first album with the new vocalist AJ Cavalier. The album sold 4,000 copies in the US during its first week of release. 1. Fight For Life 0:00 2. Give It Up 4:10 3. Pick Me Up 7:10 4. The Last Chance 10:23 5. True Self 14:40 6. Hear Me 17:58 7. Forever Dead 21:56 8. Let Go 25:08 9. Until It's Over 28:57 10. Jaded 31:55 11. Threw It Away 34:33 12. One Last Song 38:01 13. Burn My Words (b-side) 43:29


The Soil -Sunday

The soil is the musical group that does accapella music; and is flexible again with a band and programmed beats. The type of music we do is called kasi soul ...


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Soil - Breaking Me Down

audio only.

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