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New brand of Super Soil. Grow Cannabis by just adding water.

Super Coco is a family owned start-up brand of Subcool's Super Soil. After growing in our mix for a few years we decided we had made something amazing and now we are commited to providing premium Super Soil. We compost our soil in a climate -controlled indoor silo making it absolutely pest free. Composting Super Coco can reach tempatures up to 160 degrees killing all unwanted pests. Cannabis grown in this mix is very oily and full of trichomes. Tga genetics grown in Super Coco by just adding water. Super Coco is a comprehensive blend of organic nutrients in premium Coco Coir and compost designed to take Cannabis plants thoughout their entire life cycle -from seed to flower, by just adding water. NO flush is required and NO additional fertilizer required. A 3 gallon pot pf Super Coco will take your plants through veg. Transplant into a 7-10 gallon pot when flowering is induced. One bag will provide all the nutrients required for two Cannabis plants at a cost of 20$. MSRP $40.00 Collectives and qualifying medical patients get a 50% discount. 20$ a bag Ingredients: Coco Coir (Indian), forest humus, perlite, bark, premium Earthworm casting, Jamaican, Mexican and Indonesian Guano. Bone meal, Blood meal, Rock phosphate, Greensand, Crab meal, Alfalfa meal, Kelp meal, Azomite trace minerals, Dolomite lime ,Mycorrhizae, Bio-Char, Fibre-Grow Music- Green Light Go -Live by Perpetual groove of Athens ,Ga Buy at Amazon


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