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Soilent Green

Soilent Green


Soilent Green-Sewn Mouth Secrets [Full Album]

Like the album? Support the band and buy it. One of my favorite Metal albums. Tracks: 1. It Was Just an Accident 2. So Hatred 3. Build Fear 4. Looking Throug...

Soilent Green - Pussysoul (FULL ALBUM)

This is the accompanying album stream for the review of Pussysoul posted at the No Funeral blog. Click here to read the full article: http://no-funeral-zine....

☆ Repashy Soilent Green Gel Food for Goldfish

Help support Solid Gold and buy your Repashy gel food through this link! I'm trying a new kind of food for my goldf...

Soilent Green - CBGB's 07/09/1999 [full show]

Soilent Green live in New York City at CBGB's on July 9, 1999. I either forgot the filmer's name or never had any source info to begin with. If you are the f...

Soilent Green - Later Days

Great song, enjoy!

Soilent Green - Build Fear/For Lack of Perfect Words/Slapfuck || live @ Roadburn / 013 ||14-04-2011 From Soilent Green is a deathgrind/thrash metal band from Metairie, Louisiana, a suburb of New...

Soilent Green-Sewn Mouth Secrets

One of my favorite metal songs.

Soilent Green - Slapfuck (Live HQ)

Hellfest 2009, France.

Soilent Green - Lord of the Southern Priest

Soilent Green's BS medley of Lord of This World, Sign of the Southern Cross and Disturbing the Priest. At the end Kirk Windstein joined on back vox. I DO NOT...