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Sourvein Biography


Sourvein were originally from Wilmington, North Carolina (aka Cape Fear). Back then they were more of a (self described) "MDC meets My War-era Black Flag meets the Melvins". In 1994 Sourvien did the "30 Days of Roadkill" USA tour with Anal Cunt, Eyehategod, the Candy Snatchers and Buzzoven. This spawned a split 7 inch with Buzzoven. In 1996, singer T-Roy joined Buzzoven on samples and back-up vocals, which he did till they split up in 1998. T-Roy then moved to New York City and started jamming with Liz Buckingham who was the riffslayer in New York's 13, leaders of the New York doom/crust underground. This unholy pairing became the true nucleus of Sourvein. In late 1998, T-Roy and Liz moved to New Orleans to regroup. Working with various drummers and bassists, Sourvein continued to record and tour, released their debut album (on Game Two) and in 2001 signed to Man's Ruin Records. Two months later the label folded. At this point, having recruited Texan drummer Henry, T-Roy and Liz decided to relocate there, and soon Miguel (ex-Sub Oslo), the lowend doom machine, joined on bass, bringing his stacks of Sunn weapons. This new lineup completely clicked, and Sourvein found a new force between.

Sourvein Metal Albums

Ghetto Angel Thumbnail Image

Abigail Williams, In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns

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