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Spitfire, the legend, the facts and its opponent (1 of 5)

INTRODUCTION Sir Henry Royce was the driving force behind the fabulous "R" racingmotor and Reginald Mitchell - Supermarines chiefdesigner - designed the racingplanes with which England in 1931 won the international speed contest for seaplanes - The Schneider Trophy. Three years later Mitchell presented the first design of a new fighter to RAF. The first three designs had too weak an engine and were rejected, but in 1935 the fourth with elliptical wings had a 27 litres lightweight twelve cylinder scaled down "R" engine which was called "Merlin" - and the Spitfire was born. The word Spitfire is known to every boy from eight to eighty all over the world for its magic, that will live for generations to come of boys and men and indeed of some girls and women too, whos mother or grandmother flew this legendary fighter to the bases during the second world war, when the Spitfire was present on every front in the airwar against nazi-Germany, the fascist Italy and the fascist Japanese Empire, although it originally was conceived as a short-range fighter to the defense of The British Isles. Mitchell did not like the name Spitfire which he found rediculus, but once it had come up, it became widely popular (in contradiction to the officially proposed Shrew) and it fortunately became impossible to change. How sad it was, that he did not live to see the Spitfire in service. (You are here, because you have chosen a series of quality videos. Another series of high quality videos is here: ) Carl Vendler


Top Gear the Spitfire challenge

Jeremy, Richard and James fulfilling their and almost every man's childhood dream, to fly the mighty Spitfire.

Martin Phillips' Spitfire last aircraft at Filton rebuilt by Aerial Museum's John Hart December 2012

Then we go to Filton Airfield which closed at the end of 2012. Aircraft Eng...

Spitfire MkVIII

Supermarine Spitfire MkVIII During 1941 work began on adapting the Spitfire to use the new Merlin 61 engine. This had a two-stage supercharger, which improve...

Awesome sound of Spitfire Merlin Oostwold Airshow 2013

20-5-2013: G-ASJV / MH434/ZD-B (cn CBAF.IX.552): Supermarine 361 Spitfire LF9B - Rolls-Royce Merlin engine producing 1030 hp G-SPIT / MV268/JE-J (cn 6S/6492...

16 Spitfires Flying Together The Sound of Victory " Goosebumps "

This was a fantastic sight and sound, as sixteen Spitfires flew in formation, to mark the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, after the flypast the Sp...

Merlin Flight (Mosquito, Lancaster, Spitfire, and Hurricane Formation) - Hamilton Airshow 2013

The Saturday performance of the "Merlin Flight", with individual and formation passes by the world's only flying de Havilland Mosquito, the only Lancaster fl...

Spitfire The Pursuit Of A Dream

Documentary about the restoration of a Mk 22 Spitfire in the late 70s and its first flight in 1980. from the cover of the DVD: "John McVicar Malloch 8th Octo...

Spitfire (Original Mix) - Porter Robinson (HD)

This is the title song off of Porter Robinson's upcoming full-length album "Spitfire". Album drops on September 15th! Expect it on iTunes, Beatport, and Amaz...

The Prodigy - Spitfire (HD Slow-Mo Footage)

Video footage by ROBERT LVI.